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As in Guitar Jack, or pair of Jacks or those little toys.
Jacks features cables and snakes.
Check out our custom cable designer and bulk cable.

Jacks is an independent small business with emphasis and vision focused on common folk.
We believe in the power of music and the message of liberal thought and the idea that the
seed of greatness is within us all. In as much as we might help others realize this
greatness through music, our organization and ideals are in strong support of critical
thought that is so often intregal with musicans. It is in this spirit of self awareness and
honest critical thinking that this amazing video clip is shared here. Chances are very high
that if you find truth ringing in this short monologue, you are in the right place to find the
support and community to serve the music in your life, the music you make.
To a better tomorrow through music,

Jacks Music Store is operated by River Rock Music and staffed by musicians.
Our headquarters are are located in Ann Arbor MI, USA
Piano and Luthier shop since 1976.
Established in 1976, with the service and restoration of pianos, opened our full line
music store in 1985 and began direct mail order in 1991.
In 1994-95 a web presence was established as Jacks Wholesale Club
for Musicians, leading to JacksMusicStore.com.
Today, Jacks has a strong presence in the world of internet Musical
Instruments and Equipment dealers. Jacks web development team is
recognized as a top innovator of internet solutions focused on customer
driven technologies.

Please let us know how we're doing. We love to hear from you.
Phone: 1-989-743-JACKs (5225) or
email helpdesk@JacksMusicStore.com


Our previous location luthier and instrument repair shop
is now Sounds of Shiawassee supporting music
performance, a non profit 501c3.
Located in Historical Downtown Corunna Michigan.

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