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CBI Audio Snakes - Complete Live Sounds Systems 

CBI - SPR48x40-200x50-GLT3M176

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Pro Touring 40x8 Snake System with M176 Disconnects upgrade
CBI Pro Touring Snake Systems. These are the ultimate pro snake systems. Our experts at Jacks can walk through the process and painstakingly confirm every detail.
Pro Touring Systems
Professional 40-64ch Systems

This configuration: 40X8 200' Main 50' Monitor Splits, Disconnects at Box, Main Disconnect @ Fan, Ground lifts, Transformers M176

Additional attributes to consider, please call to confirm everything.
1. Base System
14ga Rolled Steel Box, Super-Durable Black Finish
Choose 10u Rack Box or Stage Box with extended Base*
Our finest technicians, hand-picked for their experience and
skill, take pride in the quality of their work. Each StarPerformer
is a work of art, inspected visually, and tested through an
oscilloscope, as well as by ear with real audio signals.
*64 channel snake comes in 12u rack mount with ground lift switches

2. Additional Splits
Monitor, Recording, Broadcast - Hardwired Passive Splits.
Include 25ft Overall Base Length, Standard Fanout, Wiring into
Box. Strain Relief at Box, Metal Mesh Wire Hanger at Fan Whip.
Always Specify Wire Exit Location from Box

3. Ground Lift Switches
Standard Rocker Switch Allows Flexibility in Solving Grounding
Issues. Highly Recommended for All Splitter Snakes - Standard
SP Models Listed.
For Custom Applications, we use a Low Profile Toggle Switch

4. Isolation Transformers
Isolates Splits from Main Input Signal. Crucial for Maintaining a
Clean Signal to Monitor/Recording Consoles. Standard
Transformer is Neutrik NT-1 - Excellent for Live. Audio Events
Other Upgrades Available:
Sescom Transformers
Jensen Transformers

5. Multipin Disconnects
PA19, M39, M61, M85, M122, M150, M176, V159/VR, M201.
Always Confirm Pinout! - We use industry standards wherever
possible, however variations may exist. If mating with pre-existing
equipment, we need to ensure that your new CBI system will be
100% compatible.

6. Fanout Options
Extra Fanout Beyond 4 ft, Double Heat Shrink at Stress pts. “Rock
Series" Nylon Mesh Overbraid - Standard Black. Rugged, Tangle-
Free, Great Looking Vibrant Colors.

7. Patch System
SS Patch System
The SS Patch System incorporates four or five M39 multipin
inputs directly connected to color coded fans.
Disconnectable Sub Snakes can be Patched to the Main Panel.
Quicker Changeover for Multiple Group Concerts. Color Coding
for Easy Identification. W1 Compatible.

8. Connector Options
Neutrik Black XLRs - Box or Fanout
Neutrik Black and Gold XLRs - Box or Fanout
Switchcraft Standard “A" Series XLRs on Fan
CBI Shield Series Technology on Fan-out

9. Sub Snakes
6,8,12, or 16 Channel Drop Snakes for Accessing Specific Areas
of the Stage. Adds Great Flexibility to your System - Basic
Models, Use MC Series. Quick Disconnects Allow Direct Linkup
to Main Box Head as well as Fast Setup
Audio Snakes
Audio Snakes
More Options - Always Confirm Pricing and Availability
Ultimate Touring System
2 Space rack panel with 5 direct connections to M39s inputs
1 RMSS Surge protective device 15A/1800W, 6 outlets
1 56X0 Ground Lifts and Transformers – 3 way split
with M176 Disconnects
110v Twist Lock AC, 12/3 with 100' Trunk
5 Drop12 Subsnakes, M39 12 channel boxes 3 – 50' & 2 – 25'
1 – 250' M176 trunk FOH
1 – 10' M176 fan-out FOH
1 – 50' M176 fan-out Monitor
1 – 25' M176 fan-out Recording/Broadcast
Most Popular Configurations - *Usually In Stock, Tested, Ready to Go - Call to Confirm. Stock Systems are Rack Mount with 200ft Mains
and 50ft Monitor Splits. Both trunks have Multipin Disconnects at Box, Main has Disconnect at Fan. Belden Wire, Neutrik Connectors, 8
XLR Returns, Ground Lift Switches, Transformers. Disconnect Choices are M150, M176, V159 and M201.
Complete Live Sound Systems - Discounted and Ready to Ship!*

10. 32 Channel StarPerformer
* All New Box Style *
Rack Mount - 7 Spaces - Conserves Space
Disconnect and Ground Lift Options Available
100' 32 Channel SP with all Neutrik Connectors
Black Finish
14 Gauge

11. Additional Protection
Custom-Built Road Base to Store your Complete System
Durable, Std Truck Pack, Casters, the Perfect Case for
Your Snake. Metal Weave Mesh Strain Relief for Multipins
Increased Durability against Pulling Tension on Longer
Trunks. Available as Option to Replace Compression
Style on All Sizes. Additional Heat Shrink over Disconnect
Pins. Pig Bags to Protect and Store your Fanout Whips.

Complete Live Sound Systems - Ready to Ship!*
Most Popular Configurations - *Usually In Stock, Tested, Ready to Go - Call to Confirm
All Stock Systems are Rack Mount with 200ft Mains and 50ft Monitor Splits
Both trunks have Multipin Disconnects at Box, Main has Disconnect at Fan
Belden Wire, Neutrik Connectors, 8 XLR Returns, Ground Lift Switches, Transformers
Disconnect Choices are M150, M176, V159 and M201. 4 Piece System Shown Below:
SPR48/40-200/50 GLT3M150
SPR48/40-200/50 GLT3M176
SPR48/40-200/50 GLT3Veam
SPR56/48-200/50 GLT3M176
SPR64/56-200/50 GLT3M201
Ulitmate Touring System

Free shipping excluded for International orders and orders shipping to HI,AK,PR

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