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String Cleaners

GHS - a87: Fast Fret Not a spray! Contains no silicone. It's a liquid in an applicator. Use it on strings, back of… details » $6.99

Kyser - kds100: Kyser String Cleaner/Lubricant Lubricating and cleaning strings not only prolongs string life by protecting against skin acids and other wear,… details » $5.99

Blitz - 301: String Care Cloth The Blitz Cloth recommended by, Dan Erlewine, in "The Guitar Player Repair Guide", a best-seller in the… details » $5.99

Dunlop - 6582: Ultra Glide 65 String Cleaner Shields strings against tarnish and corrosion, extending their playing life. Delivers a silky smooth conditioning… details » $5.99

Finger-ease - 2074: Guitar String Lubricant New formula is now ozone friendly, has improved performance & a pleasant short lived lemony fragrance. Twelve… details » $5.99
Guitar Polish and Cleaners

Fender - fpol: Fender Pump Guitar Polish Quality instruments demand quality care. Who else knows more about caring for your favorite axe than… details » $6.99

GHS - a92: Guitar Gloss 4 oz Bottle
Non-Wax Revitalizing Treatment for Deep, Clear, Long-lasting Shine on Musical Instruments.
Polishes and protects… details » $6.99

GHS - a93: Guitar Gloss 16 oz Bottle
Non-Wax Revitalizing Treatment for Deep, Clear, Long-lasting Shine on Musical Instruments.
Polishes and protects… details » $16.99

Lizard Spit - mp01: Guitar Polish 4 ounce pump-spray bottle

Lizard Spit Guitar Polish produces a brilliant shine on fine finished surfaces. This… details » $9.99

Lizard Spit - mp08: V.I.P. Vintage Instrument Polish Worlds Highest Quality, Gourmet Carnauba Paste Wax. This Ultimate Polymer was designed for the elite surfaces… details » $13.99

Planet Waves - pw-pk: Polish Express Pack Single-use packettes of premium three-step polishing/detailing system. Packettes contain Restore deep cleaning cream polish, Protect liquid carnauba… details » $3.99

Martin - 18akit0002: Martin Polish/Cleaner Kit *Keep your guitar's finish shiny and clean
*Soft polish cloth is perfect for any finish
*Remove dirt… details » $11.99

Dunlop - 6554: Ultimate lemon oil Ultimate Lemon Oil will remove grime and return your fretboard to its original luster quickly and easily.… details » $5.99

Dunlop - 654: Guitar Polish Cleans totally and quickly. Restores any finish to its original luster. Leaves a micro-thin, stain-resistant protective layer and… details » $6.99

Dunlop - 6574: Carnuba Wax The highest-grade carnauba wax, in a proprietary formula. Polishes and beautifies, while hiding light scratches. Leaves a moisture… details » $7.99

Smith - gp1: Smith Guitar Polish 4 oz. pump bottle

The finest non-abrasive polish for lacquer-finish instruments. details » $5.99

Kyser - kds500: Kyser Best Guitar Polish This deep-cleaning polish protects wood finishes and even improves playing ease. It will not streak and… details » $5.99

Gerlitz - gno: Number One Carnuba Guitar Wax "No.1" guitar wax is made from the highest quality grade of Carnauba wax available. Because… details » $8.99

Gerlitz - smudgeoff: Smudge Off Guitar Cleaner Protects while it cleans. It contains no abrasives, and is safe and effective on glass, brass,… details » $9.99

D'Andrea - dap4: Guitar Polish Creme liquid with natural waxes
Cleans, polishes & seals
For all wood, metal & plastic… details » $6.99


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