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Dunlop - c215: MOONSHINE GLASS SLIDE This slide combines the warm and detailed top end of glass the non-slip interior grip of our… details » $19.99

Dunlop - 226d: DUNLOP STAINLESS STEEL SLIDE - Large 226
This stainless steel slide has a bright, penetrating sound with great sustain and… details » $35.99

Dunlop - 228: DUNLOP CHROMED BRASS SLIDE This slide combines the bright tone of chrome with the weight and sustain of brass, featuring… details » $20.99

Dunlop - 255: Joe Perry "Boneyard" Slide, Medium 255 - Designed in conjunction with legendary Aerosmith rocker Joe Perry, this porcelain slide sounds… details » $28.99

Dunlop - 265: KEB' MO' SIGNATURE MUDSLIDE This porcelain slide sounds brighter than glass and warmer than brass, featuring thick walls for superior… details » $28.99

Dunlop - 920: STAINLESS STEEL TONEBAR This tonebar is made from high-quality stainless steel for bright tone and a long life.

7/8… details » $35.99

Dunlop - 345: Stevens Steel Bar Stevens Steel Bar is sculpted of nickel-plated brass. The bar is popular with players of squareneck resonator,… details » $23.99

Dunlop - 926: LAP DAWG™ TONEBAR This chromed brass tonebar features a larger radius for added sustain and vibrato, a re-designed body for… details » $42.99

Dunlop - 44r: JIM DUNLOP NYLON GUITAR PICK Dunlop Nylon Standard Picks provide the warmth, flexibility, and resilience harnessed by numerous guitar legends… details » $28.99

Dunlop - 418r: Standard Tortex Guitar Pick 72 picks per bag
Available in:
.50 - Red
.60 - Orange
.73 - Yellow
.88… details » $28.99

Dunlop - 488r: TORTEX® PITCH BLACK STANDARD GUITAR PICK Tortex Picks are highly durable with great memory and just the right about of… details » $28.99

Dunlop - 482r: TORTEX® PITCH BLACK JAZZ III GUITAR PICK The Tortex Jazz III combines the bright tone and snappy, aggressive attack of… details » $28.99

Dunlop - 424r: TORTEX® WEDGE GUITAR PICK These picks feature the same feel and tone as Tortex Standard Picks with larger gripping surface… details » $28.99

Dunlop - 486r: GELS™ GUITAR PICK Gels picks are molded from our custom-formulated polycarbonate composition that provides superior durability in vivid translucent colors.
details » $21.99

Dunlop - 41r: DELRIN 500 GUITAR PICK Delrin 500 Picks have excellent memory and a slick playing surface for instantaneous release.

72… details » $21.99

Dunlop - 421r: ULTEX® STANDARD GUITAR PICK Combining flexibility with monstrous attack, the lightweight and virtually indestructible Ultex® picks give you the widest… details » $37.99

Dunlop - 433r: ULTEX® SHARP GUITAR PICKS The Ultex Sharp has a rigid body that tapers into a thinner, sculpted tip for greater… details » $37.99

Dunlop - 426r: ULTEX® TRIANGLE GUITAR PICK - 1.0MM Ultex Triangles have the same crisp attack, but with more surface area to grab… details » $37.99

Dunlop - 417r: GATOR GRIP GUITAR PICK Gator Grip Picks offer superior playing control and a dark, beefy sound. A matte surface allows… details » $28.99

Dunlop - 412r: TORTEX® SHARP GUITAR PICK These picks feature the playability and tone of Tortex with a super sharp tip for extra… details » $28.99


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