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Rack Effects/Rack Tuner

Rocktron - 001-1803: VersaTune Rack Tuner The Rocktron VersaTune Rack Tuner is a versatile true-bypass Guitar/Bass rack tuner for live and studio use.… details » $219.00

Rocktron - 001-1410: Xpression Digital Guitar Effects Xpress yourself with Rocktronís exciting new Xpressionô, the easy to use, yet professional, multi-Effects Processor where… details » $439.00
Noise Reduction

Rocktron - 001-1302: HUSH Super C Noise Reduction Got noise? Get HUSH.

Itís that simple. Rocktronís world famous HUSH products have… details » $229.00

Rocktron - 001-1604: HUSH Pro Noise Reduction Stereo Noise Exterminator for studio and stage applications

Nothing beats a HUSH when it… details » $279.00

Rocktron - 001-1613: HUSH Ultra Noise Reduction The HUSH Ultra is the ultimate noise reducing, eliminating and exterminating processor. This MIDI controllable version… details » $329.00

Rocktron - 001-1406: HUSH The Pedal Got noise? Get the worldís foremost noise reduction for guitar players, Rocktronís HUSH. The HUSH pedal needs… details » $99.00

Rocktron - 001-1629: Reaction HUSH Got hiss? Get HUSH! Itís Rocktronís acclaimed noise reduction for guitarists, now in a compact package that takes… details » $109.00

Rocktron - 001-1903: MicroHUSH Guitar Noise Reduction Stompbox Got hiss? Get HUSH! The MicroHUSH is Rocktron's world famous HUSH noise reduction in a… details » $119.00

Rocktron - 001-1904: HUSH 2X Guitar Noise Reduction Stompbox Got hiss? Get HUSH! Rocktron provides a new twist on the world famous HUSH… details » $179.00

Rocktron - 001-1647: Guitar Silencer Now you can achieve noise exterminating bliss with Rocktronís incredible new Guitar Silencer stomp box that combines HUSH… details » $139.00
Ground Loop Hum Elimination

Rocktron - 001-1906: Buzz Kill AC Hum Exterminator Audio Isolation Transformer Don't let ground loops (hum and buzz) ruin your live performance, regardless… details » $69.00

Rocktron - 001-1801: MIDI Raider Long the professional standard in MIDI controllers, Rocktron introduces the newest in a long line of MIDI products… details » $509.00

Rocktron - 001-1080: MIDI Mate Foot Controller When you need to control your gear, choose one of the guitar world's most commonly used… details » $229.00

Rocktron - 001-1412: MIDI Xchange Foot Controller Now Rocktron makes MIDI control easier and more affordable with the MIDI Xchange, a low-cost portable… details » $129.00

Rocktron - 001-1605: Patchmate Loop 8 Itís the return of the PatchMateÖ..but better!! Rocktron fans hammered us for years to bring back the… details » $449.00

Rocktron - 001-1614: Patchmate Loop 8 Floor With the incredible popularity of the recently released PatchMate Loop 8, Rocktron expands the controller universe… details » $369.00
Talk Boxes

Rocktron - 001-1254: Banshee Talk Box In a jam? Talk your way out of it with Rocktron's new Banshee Amplified Talk Box.

details » $209.00

Rocktron - 001-1427: Banshee 2 Talk Box Now Rocktron lets you choose between the Original Banshee Talkbox, or the all new Banshee 2… details » $269.00
Wah Wahs and Expression Pedals

Rocktron - 001-1418: Black Cat Moan w/Distortion Get more out of your wah wah pedal with a Black Cat Moan.Rocktron introduces a new… details » $139.00

Rocktron - 001-1419: HEX Expression/Volume Pedal For years, guitar players have asked Rocktron to recommend volume pedals and expression pedals. Now, Rocktron answers… details » $109.00


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