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Bajo Sextos

Paracho Elite - alvarado: Alvarado The beautiful Abalone inlay work consists of small squares carefully buffed together, color matched and polished. The rosette, binding… details » $568.99

Paracho Elite - belleza: Belleza Paracho Elite’s Belleza Bajo Sexto features beautiful abalone inlay work with color-matched and polished designs. The rosette, binding and… details » $548.99

Paracho Elite - presidio: Presidio The Presidio features an intricate Abalone inlay rosette, double-figured binding and the signature cutaway. It has a laminated Rosewood… details » $468.99

Paracho Elite - bravo: Bravo Those playing the Latin and Mariachi styles of music, recognize the Bravo. It is a mainstay of the Paracho… details » $348.99

Paracho Elite - moreno: Moreno Traditional styling with attractive multi-colored, decorated sound hole rosette.

• Black satin finish
• Solid cedar top
•… details » $278.99

Paracho Elite - victoria: Victoria Those playing Latin, Mariachi and South American styles recognize the Victoria. It fits into any ensemble with tone and… details » $268.99

Paracho Elite - hidalgo: Hidalgo The call for a thinner Bajo Sexto body is demonstrated here with a quiet blending of a natural top… details » $258.99

Paracho Elite - del-rio: Del Rio Move up a notch to a solid wood top guitar with nice sound hole and binding treatments.

details » $198.99

Paracho Elite - gonzales: Gonzales More Mahogany, a solid wood top with the heft and feel of a pro instrument. Features nice sound hole… details » $258.99

Paracho Elite - zapata: Zapata Unique Abalone inlaid binding and rosette. With the mastery of an inlaid Abalone sound hole rosette and striped, double-figured… details » $388.99

LaPlaya - sonora: Requinto, Sonora • Solid Spruce Top
• Rosewood fingerboard & bridge
• Rosewood back & sides
• 3 ply celluloid… details » $194.99

Paracho Elite - odessa: Odessa The call for thinner Bajo Qunito bodies is demonstrated here with a quiet blending of a natural top and… details » $268.99

Paracho Elite - laredo: Laredo Full-bodied tone and Paracho Elite's signature features of striped binding and ornate bridge designs are evident here. Clean two-toned… details » $268.99

Paracho Elite - santiago: Santiago - Puerto Rican Style Cuatro A unique instrument from Puerto Rico.

The Cuatro is 'violin-shaped', more rounded like… details » $228.99

Paracho Elite - santiago-pu: Santiago Puerto Rican Style Cuatro/Pickup A unique instrument from Puerto Rico.

The Cuatro is 'violin-shaped', more rounded like a… details » $339.99

LaPlaya - csjpk1: San Juan Complete Package Cuatro Complete Package

• Spruce top
• Celluloid bound fingerboard & body
• Rosewood fingerboard… details » $142.99

LaPlaya - sanjuan: San Juan Cuatro Cuatro Only

• Spruce top
• Celluloid bound fingerboard & body
• Rose wood fingerboard &… details » $113.99

Paracho Elite - vihuela: Vihuela The Vihuela is a small, deep-bodied rhythm guitar similar to the Guitarron. It provides strumming and double-stringed plucking rhythms… details » $258.99

Paracho Elite - guitarron: Guitarron A Complete Line of Quality-Made, Latin-Themed Stringed Instruments with Limited Lifetime Warranty

The heart beat of Mariachi Music… details » $583.99

Paracho Elite - tiple: Tiple - Gloss Finish A small, unique South American guitar with 12 steel strings arranged in 4 triple courses. The… details » $248.99


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