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External Preamps

K & K Sound - dualchannelpro: Dual Channel Pro Preamp The Dual Channel Pro Preamp is a two-channel, belt clip mixer that allows you to blend… details » $149.00

K & K Sound - dualchannelprost: Dual Channel Pro ST The Dual Channel Pro ST Preamp has a stereo input and two outputs (a main/mix out… details » $149.00

K & K Sound - definitypreamp: Definity Preamp The Definity pickup reaches its true potential with a preamp. A basic solution is the Definity Preamp, which… details » $77.00

K & K Sound - goldenbulletpreampqtr: Golden Bullet Preamp, 1/4" Out The Golden Bullet Preamp provides the 5-volt power the mic requires and comes with 1/4"… details » $57.00

K & K Sound - goldenbulletpreampxlr: Golden Bullet Preamp, XLR Out The Golden Bullet Preamp provides the 5-volt power the mic requires and comes withXLR balanced… details » $57.00

K & K Sound - powermixpurextpreamp: PowerMix Pure XT Preamp About the PowerMix Pure XT Preamp

The PowerMix XT Preamp is a 2-channel, belt clip… details » $151.00

K & K Sound - purepreamp: Pure Preamp The Pure Preamp is our time-tested external preamp, featuring +/-20 db bass, mid, and treble controls plus an… details » $99.00

K & K Sound - purexlrpreamp: Pure XLR Preamp The Pure XLR Preamp has the same great sound and low noise circuitry as our best-selling Pure… details » $177.00

K & K Sound - purexlrmach2preamp: Pure XLR Mach 2 Preamp What makes the Pure XLR Mach 2 Preamp sound so good?

The circuit runs… details » $269.00

K & K Sound - quantumblender: Quantum Blender The Quantum Blender is our top-of-the-line two-channel preamp/mixer that provides all the control and features you could ever… details » $352.00

K & K Sound - trinitypreamp: Trinity Preamp The Trinity Preamp allows for perfect balancing of a microphone and a pickup/transducer. Channel 2 is a designated… details » $158.00

K & K Sound - meridianpreamp: Meridian Preamp The Meridian Preamp is a basic preamp that provides power to the mic and features a unique mid… details » $89.00

K & K Sound - meridianpropreamp: Meridian Pro Preamp The Meridian Pro Preamp provides more control, with 3 band EQ, phase switch, adjustable input gain, line… details » $169.00

K & K Sound - silverbulletpreampqtr: Silver Bullet Preamp, 1/4" Out The Silver Bullet Preamp works with a 9-volt battery and provides 5-volt power to the… details » $57.00

K & K Sound - silverbulletpreampxlr: Silver Bullet Preamp, XLR Out The Silver Bullet Preamp works on phantom power and provides 5-volt power to the microphone.… details » $57.00
Onboard Preamps

K & K Sound - powermixpurepreamp: PowerMix Pure 2-Channel Preamp (internal) PowerMix Pure Onboard Preamp (Internal)
preamp only
The PowerMix Pure Preamp allows for precise sound… details » $186.00

K & K Sound - powermixtrinitypreamp: PowerMix 3-Channel Preamp (internal) For existing Trinity System and existing Undersaddle pickup. Includes the 3-Channel internal PowerMix
Preamp only details » $249.00

K & K Sound - prephasepreamp: Pre-Phase Miniature Preamp The Pre-Phase Preamp is a miniature, onboard preamp that provides volume control and a phase switch for… details » $81.00

K & K Sound - ultrapurepreamp: UltraPure Preamp The UltraPure Preamp offers precise 3-band EQ, as well as a gain control to finetune bass, mid, treble… details » $104.00

K & K Sound - onboardtrinitypreamp: Onboard Trinity Preamp Onboard Trinity preamp only details » $181.00


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