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Gibraltar Hand Percussion Mounting Systems

Gibraltar - sc-gruc: R-Class Universal Hoop Clamp Designed to fit on any triple flange or die cast hoop. It has virtually unlimited uses… details » $27.99

Gibraltar - sc-4795-1: Cowbell U-Clamp Standard "U" style clamp with wing screw to fit 9.5mm post on cowbell mount. details » $6.99

Gibraltar - sc-eb: Eye Bolt Kit Wing nut, washer and bolt set fits 9.5mm to 10.5mm posts. details » $8.99

Gibraltar - sc-rp269: Wood Block/Cowbell Holder Bass Drum Hoop Mount Dual purpose percussion mount clamps on a bass drum counter hoop. 9.5mm post… details » $13.99

Gibraltar - sc-268r: Standard Bass Drum Cowbell Hoop Mounts on bass drum counter hoop. 9.5mm (5/16") post with "U" clamp and wing… details » $10.99

Gibraltar - sc-bddc: Deluxe Bass Drum Cowbell Hoop Mount Heavy duty bass drum counter hoop clamp with 9.5mm post with "U" clamp and… details » $20.99

Gibraltar - sc-bdhc: Adjustable Bass Drum Cowbell Hoop Clamp Clamps to bass drum counter hoop with adjustable 9.5mm L-Rod. details » $29.99

Gibraltar - sc-4425d-1: Straight Tom/Percussion Cowbell Arm 7/8" dia post with an 9.5mm ratchet L-Rod for mounting cowbells, blocks, tambourines and other accessories.… details » $26.99

Gibraltar - sc-170: Boom Tom/Percussion Cowbell Arm 7/8" dia post with adjustable boom and 9.5mm ratchet L-Rod for mounting cowbells, blocks, tambourines and… details » $42.99

Gibraltar - sc-lrac: L-Rod Adjustment Clamp 9.5mm ratchet L-Rod for mounting percussion with adjustable stand clamp. details » $25.99

Gibraltar - sc-dplac: Dual Post L-Rod Attachment Two 9.5mm posts in two lengths with adjustable attachment mount. Great for mounting two accessories together… details » $27.99

Gibraltar - sc-tc: Triangle Clip Mount Clothespin-style clamp for ataching triangle. Vinyl coated tip for a secure grip. details » $10.99

Gibraltar - sc-dtc: Deluxe Triangle Holder Clamp Arm with clamp and nylon cord for triangle. details » $14.99

Gibraltar - sc-101: Tambourine Post Mount Attaches to 9.5mm or 10.5mm post to mount most tambourines details » $14.99

Gibraltar - sc-cbpm: Cowbell Bass Drum Pedal Mount Mounts cowbells, blocks, or tambourines to an adjustable floor stand which accepts most bass drum… details » $38.99

Gibraltar - sc-wcm: Wind Chime Mount with Clamp Mounts wind chimes with center hole with felts and wing nuts. Wind chime arm is… details » $28.99

Gibraltar - sc-plra: Percussion L-Rod Attachment 9.5mm ratchet L-Rod for mounting percussion with adjustable attachment mount. 1-pack. details » $26.99


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