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Pro-Mark - tx5bw: Texas Hickory 5B Wood Tip The 5B is a standard diameter drumstick for the heavy hitter; a larger general purpose… details » $11.99

Pro-Mark - tx419w: Hickory 419 Wood Tip The 419 is a large stick with a long reach. One of the largest sticks in… details » $11.99

Pro-Mark - tx718w: Hickory 718 "Acid Jazz" Wood Tip The 718 "Acid Jazz" stick has a short taper, allowing for extra power. A… details » $11.99

Pro-Mark - tx747w: Hickory 747 "Rock" Wood Tip The 747 stick features a slightly longer, classic 5A diameter with a thicker taper. The… details » $11.99

Pro-Mark - txrkw: Hickory RK "Rock Knocker" Wood Tip The RK "Rock Knocker" stick is designed without tips. The 5A diameter is perfect… details » $11.99

Pro-Mark - tx5astw: Hickory 5Ast "Stinger" Wood Tip The 5AST "Stinger" is very similar to a classic 5A, but with a thinner taper… details » $11.99
Autograph Series Drum Sticks

Pro-Mark - txjzw: Hickory JZ "Jazz" Elvin Jones Wood Tip The JZ was designed by Jazz Legend Elvin Jones. It features a 7A-style… details » $12.99

Pro-Mark - pw747w: Shira Kashi™ Oak 747 Neil Peart Wood Tip The 747 was designed by Neil Peart of Rush. It features a… details » $15.99

Pro-Mark - tx420n: Hickory 420 Mike Portnoy Nylon Tip The 420 stick was designed by Mike Portnoy, progressive drummer extraordinaire. It features a… details » $13.99

Pro-Mark - tx707w: Hickory 707 Simon Phillips Wood Tip The 707 was designed by Simon Phillips, British rock legend. It features a 5A-style… details » $12.99

Pro-Mark - tx808w: Hickory 808 Wood Tip Paul Wertico The 808 was designed by educator and jazz/fusion great Paul Wertico. The long taper… details » $12.99

Pro-Mark - b600: B600 Nylon Bristle Brush Promark Nylon Bristle Brushes feature thicker-guage clear nylon bristles. The bristles conveniently retract into the American… details » $24.99

Pro-Mark - tb3: TB3 Jazz Telescopic Wire Brush The Promark TB3 telescopic brush was inspired by the original Gene Krupa jazz brush. It… details » $27.99

Pro-Mark - tb4: TB4 Classic Telescopic Wire Brush The Promark TB4 classic telescopic wire brush features a heavier gauge of wire for added… details » $29.99

Pro-Mark - tb5: TB5 General Telescopic Wire Brush The Promark TB5 general telescopic brush features a textured grip surface and heavier gauge of… details » $29.99

Pro-Mark - tb6: TB6 Heavy Telescopic Wire Brush The Promark TB6 heavy telescopic wire brush features the heaviest gauge of wire out of… details » $29.99

Pro-Mark - crods: C-RODS Cool Rods Promark Cool Rods are designed for a more delicate sound than the standard Hot Rods. Made of… details » $21.99

Pro-Mark - hrods: H-RODS Hot Rods Promark Hot Rods are a Promark original, copied by others, but never equaled. Made of premium select… details » $22.99

Pro-Mark - lrods: L-RODS Lightning Rods Promark Lightning Rods offer more attack, increased projection, and brighter cymbal sound through larger-diameter dowels. Made of… details » $22.99

Pro-Mark - trods: T-RODS Thunder Rods Thunder Rods provide the ultimate in strength and durability, ideal for the heaviest of hitters. Made of… details » $21.99


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