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Electronic Drum Kits

KAT Percussion - kt1-us: 5-Piece Digital Drum Set Overview:
The KT1 features over 150 sounds with 10 user-programmable drum set configurations that emulate a… details » $529.99

KAT Percussion - kt2-us: High Performance 5-Piece Digital Drum Set Overview:
The KAT KT2 is the ideal choice for the player who is looking… details » $729.99

KAT Percussion - kt3-us: Advanced High Performance 6-Piece Digital Drum Set The new 6-piece kt3 digital drum set represents KAT's latest advancement in its… details » $999.99

KAT Percussion - kt4-us: Advanced High Performance 5-Piece E-Drum Kit KT4 - Kat's latest high performance digital drum set
The next level of… details » $1699.99

KAT Percussion - kt2ep1: Pad Expansion Pack for the KT2 KT2EP1 pad expansion pack

KAT Pad Expansion Pack for the KT2 Digital Drum… details » $89.99

KAT Percussion - kt2ep2: Cymbal Expansion Pack for the KT2 KT2EP2 cymbal expansion pack

KAT Cymbal Expansion Pack for the KT2 Digital… details » $119.99

KAT Percussion - kt2ep3: Pad and Cymbal Expansion Pack for the KT2 KT2EP3 pad and cymbal cxpansion pack

KAT Pad/ Cymbal Expansion Pack… details » $189.99

KAT Percussion - kt2ep4: KT2EP4 Accessory Pack KT2EP4 drum throne, kick drum pedal and headphone expansion pack

The KT2EP4 Expansion Pack gives you… details » $114.99

KAT Percussion - kt2ep5: KT2EP5 11" Pad Expansion Pack KT2EP5 11" pad expansion pack

For the KT2 and KT3 High Performance Digital Drum… details » $119.99

KAT Percussion - kt3m-us: Digital Drum Sound/Trigger Module Module with cables and power supply

Advanced sound module with 550 internal sounds
details » $399.99

KAT Percussion - kt4m-us: KT4M Digital Drum Sound/Trigger Module KT4M - Digital Drum Sound/Trigger Module

Control for your inner freak
When it comes… details » $499.99

KAT Percussion - ktmp1: KTMP1 Multipad Drum KTMP1 - Electronic Drum & Percussion Pad Sound Module

The KAT ktmp1 is the quick and… details » $119.99

KAT Percussion - kt-kp1: KT-KP1 bass drum trigger The KT-KP1 "KICK PAD" compact kick trigger is specially made to work with the KAT KTMP1… details » $89.99

KAT Percussion - kt-hc1: KT-HC1 hi-hat controller The KT-HC1 hi-hat controller is specially made to work with the Kat KTMP1 Multipad. It extends the… details » $49.99

KAT Percussion - ktui26: KTUI26 ultra isolation headphones Enjoy your own private musical space and block out unwanted external noise with KAT's new KTUI26… details » $69.99
Gibraltar E-Hardware Options

Gibraltar - 6700e-pk: 6000 Series E-kit Hardware Stand Package The 6700E-PK Hardware pack mounts a five-piece E-drum kit on two stands with platform… details » $230.99

Gibraltar - 6713e: HD Double Braced Electronics Mounting Stand Features:
- Great for Hybrid E-kit set ups
- Double braced design makes this… details » $72.99

Gibraltar - sc-emmp: Electronic Module Mounting Plate Electronic Module Mounting Plate. Fits most modules. Fits into grabber clamp of 6713E stand. details » $12.99


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