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LP Latin Percussion - lp592: LP592 Claw Body The Claw body has strong clamping power that ensures secure placement, especially in tight spaces
Rubber lined… details » $25.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp2141: LP Vice Clamp Pro Bass Drum Mount Whether you are playing Latin, jazz or rock, this uniquely designed mounting bracket… details » $29.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp592a-x: LP Mic Claw® Ensures solid placement of mics on snares, toms & congas

3/8" diameter Z-Rod allows close or… details » $39.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp592b-x: LP Percussion Claw® Holds most mountable percussion instruments, including LP Cowbells, LP Cyclops Tambourines, or LP Jam Blocks on drum… details » $36.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp592s-x: LP Splash Claw® Mount cymbals, up to 16" on any rimmed drum in any drum kit, percussion set-ups, and marching… details » $39.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp591a: EZ-Mount Mic Claw® Made from an LP exclusive, proprietary plastic blend that provides maximum strength and durability

Compact and… details » $32.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp454: LP Double Conga Stand Bongo Bracket (to use with LP330A) Bongo Bracket for use with LP Double Conga Stand… details » $59.99

LP Latin Percussion - lpa244s: LP Aspire® Bongo Bracket for LPA653 The LP Aspire Slide Mount Bongo Bracket utilizes LP's patented strap-lock system for quick… details » $42.99

LP Latin Percussion - lpa244: LP Aspire® Bongo Mounting Bracket Designed to fit LP Aspire Double Conga Stand (LPA653) with slide mounts

Uses LP's… details » $42.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp330a: LP Camlock Bongo Stand Upper Body Tilting Camlock Accesory Bracket for use with LP Double Conga Stand (LP290B)

Attaches… details » $64.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp237: LP 3/8 Angled Rod for LP236C Use with LP 236C - LP Mount-All® Percussion Bracket details » $10.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp375a: LP 3/8" Straight Rod Set for LP372 Straight 3/8" mounting rod set, set of six

Chrome-plated steel with knurled… details » $17.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp375d: LP 3/8" Extra Long Z Rod 1 pair Extra-long Z-rod, set of two

Chrome-plated steel with knurled finish for… details » $14.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp325: Afuche/Cabasa Holder LP offers a variety of holders and brackets for use with specific instruments. This features steel construction and… details » $41.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp453: LP Bar Chime Mounting Bracket Fits all LP Bar Chimes

Securely mounts LP chimes to any percussion set up… details » $15.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp338: LP Bass Drum Cowbell Mounting Bracket LP's Bass Drum Cowbell Mounting Bracket securely clamps to the edge of a bass… details » $18.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp235: LP Cowbell U-Clamp Chrome plated steel clamp is used to mount cowbells that do not have a built-in clamp. Fits… details » $11.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp372: Everything Rack Great way to mount a number of percussion instruments in one easily accessible place
Six different mounting locations… details » $96.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp388m: LP Multi-Stem Gajate Bracket LP's ingenious Multi-Stem Gajate Bracket allows drummers to mount up to three percussion items with a… details » $118.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp388n: LP Gajate Bracket Versatile mounting bracket attaches to any bass drum pedal to free up the hands of drum set… details » $58.99


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