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LP Latin Percussion Stands and Tables

LP Latin Percussion - lp638: LP Futurelite II Conga Stand The LP Futurelite Conga Stand is made from lightweight extruded aluminum for maximum portability.

details » $207.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp290s: LP Slide Mount Double Conga Stand LP's Slide Mount Conga Stand is an easy-to-use conga stand that uses LP's patented… details » $236.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp290b: LP Double Conga Stand LP's Double Conga Stand holds two LP Congas and is height-adjustable with a pin-lock design that… details » $236.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp291: LP Triple Conga Stand LP's Triple Conga Stand allows you to mount three congas in a tight configuration. Quick mount… details » $279.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp633: LP Conga Sound Platforms Get significantly greater projection from floor-standing congas

Wood base with raised, non-slip rubber that prevents… details » $49.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp636: LP Collapsible Cradle LP Collapsable cradle is the most versatile conga stand available and is the choice of professional players.… details » $233.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp278: LP Super Conga Stand The simple design of the LP Super Conga Stand ensures reliability and durability.

Heavy gauge… details » $178.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp299: LP Jr. Conga Stand Designed for use with LP Junior Congas (LPJRX)

Double braced legs with large, non-slip rubber… details » $147.99

LP Latin Percussion - m290: LP Matador Double Conga Stand Designed to hold two MatadorŽ Congas

Height adjustable with memory clamp
Shell grippers
Double… details » $152.99

LP Latin Percussion - m294: LP Matador Basket Conga Stand Fully collapsible compact design allows easy set-up and tear down

Easily adjustable to fit… details » $96.99

LP Latin Percussion - lpa653: LP AspireŽ Slide Mount Double Conga Stand Designed to hold two LP Aspire Congas

Lightweight, height adjustable, easy to… details » $119.99

LP Latin Percussion - lpa652: LP AspireŽ Double Conga Stand This stand is designed to hold two LP Aspire Congas. This has many of the… details » $119.99

LP Latin Percussion - lpa650: LP Aspire Universal Basket Stand Adjusts to fit all LP Aspire Congas, wood or fiberglass

Easy to assemble, lightweight… details » $64.99

LP Latin Percussion - lpa521: LP AspireŽ Trap Table Great for band and orchestral percussionists

Large 22" W x 16 D is rubber padded… details » $145.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp760a: LP Percussion Table The ideal percussionist's work station for live and studio performances. Keep all of you hand percussion items… details » $327.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp761: LP Performance Tray Compact designed percussion table keeps all of you hand percussion items organized and immediately ready for use.
details » $59.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp762a: LP Table Extension Wing Extends the table top size of the LP Percussion Table

12" W x 19" D
details » $79.99

LP Latin Percussion - lpa244s: LP AspireŽ Strap-lock Bongo Mount For Slide Mount Conga Stand The LP Aspire Slide Mount Bongo Bracket utilizes LP’s patented… details » $64.99

LP Latin Percussion - lpa245: LP Aspire Strap-lock Bongo Stand Strong nylon strap wraps around bongo center block for quick and secure set-up

Single… details » $99.99

LP Latin Percussion - lp445: LP Bata Stand Durable easy-to-assemble chrome plated stand holds 3 sizes of bata drums.

Drums can be mounted for… details » $365.99


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