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Microphone Pre-amps

Nady - pra-8: PRA-8 8-Channel Microphone Preamp The Nady PRA-8 is an 8-channel microphone preamp.


Eight totally independent world-class preamps… details » $124.99

Nady - dmp-2: DMP-2 Dual Microphone Preamp The Nady DMP-2 is a dual microphone preamp.


Unsurpassed audio with excellent stereo… details » $69.99
ART Devices
BBE Sonic Maximizer

Nady - geq-131: GEQ 131 Equalizer The Nady GEQ 131 Equalizer is a (1U) 1-channel 31-band graphic EQ
Single rack space
details » $99.99

Nady - geq-215: GEQ 215 Equalizer The Nady GEQ 215 Equalizer is a 2 channel, 15-band per channel graphic EQ.


details » $99.99

Nady - geq-231: GEQ 231 Equalizer The Nady GEQ (2U) 2-channel, 31-band per channel graphic equalizer.
Double rack space
31 1/3rd… details » $149.99
Speaker Management and Processing

Nady - digicomp-16: Digicomp™ 16 – Stereo 18-bit Digital Computer The Nady Digicomp 16 features

Exceptional assortment of 16 popular, one-of-a-kind preset… details » $39.29
Feedback Supressor

Nady - fs-4n: FS-4N Feedback Suppressor The Nady FS-4N is a feedback suppressor.

Four extremely narrow (1/60 octave) notch filters, each… details » $89.99

Nady - sdr-260: SDR-260 Stereo Digital Reverberator The Nady SDR-260 is a stereo digital reverberator and features:

Powerful dual engine digital sound… details » $129.99
Signal Distribution

Nady - sd-2418: Audio Signal Distributor (1U) Audio signal distributor (2x4 or 1x8)

Splits balanced mono signal into eight separate balanced… details » $119.99

Nady - cx-22sw: 2-way Stereo and Subwoofer Crossover One space 2-way stereo, plus subwoofer crossover

Single rack space (1U)
Shielded internal… details » $89.99

Nady - cx-23sw: 3-way Stereo and Subwoofer Crossover One space 3-way stereo, plus subwoofer crossover

Single rack space (1U)
Shielded internal… details » $99.99


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