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USB Microphone Bundles

Shure - sm58x-2u: SM58-X2u USB Digital Bundle Use the SM58 Vocal Microphone with the X2u XLR-to-USB Adapter for digital recording with headphone monitoring.
details »  Free Shipping $199.00

Shure - sm57-x2u: SM57-X2u USB Digital Bundle Use the SM57 Instrument Microphone with the X2u XLR-to-USB Adapter for digital recording with headphone monitoring.
details »  Free Shipping $199.00
Legendary Performance™ PG Alta™ Microphones

Shure - pga81-xlr: PGA81 Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone The PGA81 is ideal for use in sensitive acoustic instrument performance and recording. With XLR… details » $110.00

Shure - pga27-lc: PGA27 Large Diaphragm Side-Address Cardioid Condenser Microphone The PGA27 is designed for clear capture of vocal, acoustic and amplified sources… details »  Free Shipping $179.00

Shure - pga52-xlr: PGA52 Cardioid Dynamic Kick Drum Microphone The PGA52 is designed to deliver clarity in kick drum and low-frequency performance and… details » $100.00

Shure - pga98d-lc: PGA98D Cardioid Condenser Drum Microphone The PGA98D is optimized for drum and percussion performance and recording. Without a cable.

details » $110.00

Shure - pgastudiokit4: PGASTUDIOKIT4 Studio Microphone Kit The PGASTUDIOKIT4 features a drum microphone plus three multipurpose instrument and vocal microphones, making it an… details »  Free Shipping $269.00

Shure - pgadrumkit5: PGADRUMKIT5 Drum Microphone Kit The PGADRUMKIT5 includes microphone options for reinforcing kick drums, snare drums, and toms for performance and… details »  Free Shipping $269.00

Shure - pgadrumkit7: PGADRUMKIT7 Drum Microphone Kit The PGADRUMKIT7 includes a complete microphone package for reinforcing kick drums, snare drums, rack toms, floor… details »  Free Shipping $449.00
Shure SM Microphone Series

Shure - dmk57-52: DMK57-52 Drum Microphone Kit Drum Microphone Kit includes three SM57 mics, one BETA 52A mic, three A56D Drum Mounts, carrying… details »  Free Shipping $399.00

Shure - sm94lc: SM94-LC Instrument Microphone 40 Hz to 16 kHz Sensitive microphone with a wide, flat response well-suited for live amplified and… details » $196.05

Shure - sm81lc: SM81 Instrument Microphone Industry-standard mic renowned for sonic accuracy in stage and studio performances.

The Shure SM81 is a… details » $349.00
Classic Microphones

Shure - 55shii: 55SH Series II Iconic Unidyne Vocal Microphone Unmistakable stage icon features signature satin chrome-plated die-cast casing for vintage look and… details »  Free Shipping $179.00

Shure - super55: Super 55 Deluxe Vocal Microphone The Super 55 features the vintage design of the original iconic vocal microphone with a… details »  Free Shipping $249.00
Beta Microphones

Shure - beta91a: BETA 91A Half-Cardioid Condenser Microphone Precision-engineered. Integrated preamp. Two-position contour switch for kick drum & other low-frequency applications.

details » $239.00

Shure - beta98h-c: BETA 98H/C Instrument Microphone The BETA®98H/C and the wireless version WB98H/C are premium cardioid condenser instrument microphones that clamp onto… details » $209.00

Shure - beta-52a: BETA 52A Kick Drum Microphone Optimized for low-frequency bass punch/high-power SPL handling. Designed for kick drum.

The Shure BETA®52A… details »  Free Shipping $189.00

Shure - beta57a: BETA 57A Instrument Microphone Excellent microphone designed for use with amplified or acoustic instruments. Compact grille design.

The Shure… details »  Free Shipping $139.00

Shure - beta58a: BETA 58A Vocal Microphone A high-output vocal microphone, the BETA 58A® features a shaped frequency response ideal for close-up vocals.
details » $159.00

Shure - beta87a: BETA 87A Vocal Microphone For studio-quality sound in live performance, a smooth, tailored response for warm, accurate sound.

The… details »  Free Shipping $249.00


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