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Crown Macro-Tech i Series 

Crown - ma9000i

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Power Amplifier
Power Amplifier, 2500W @ 2 ohm dual (per channel)

Power Output (Guaranteed minimum power in watts at 20Hz-20kHz with 0.35% THD)

* 2 ohm dual (per ch), 20 mS BURST: 4,570W
* 2 ohm dual (per ch), 20Hz-20kHz: 2,500W
* 2 ohm dual (per ch), 1kHz: 2,500W
* 4 ohm dual (per ch): 3,000W
* 8 ohm dual (per ch): 1,500W
* 4 ohm bridge: 5,000W
* 8 ohm bridge: 6,000W


* Frequency Response (at 1 watt, 20 Hz - 20 kHz into 8 ohms): ±0.25 dB.
* Signal to Noise Ratio below rated full-bandwidth power, A-weighted: >108 dB.
* Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) at 1 watt into 8 ohms: < 0.1%.
* Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Plus Noise at full rated power: <0.35%, 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
* Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) 60 Hz and 7 kHz at 4:1, from full ratedoutput to –30 dB: < 0.35%.
* Damping Factor (20 Hz to 100 Hz at 8 ohms): > 5000.
* Crosstalk (below rated power, 20 Hz to 1 kHz): > 80 dB.
* Common Mode Rejection (CMR) (20 Hz to 1 kHz): 55 dB, typically >70 dB.
* DC Output Offset (shorted input): < ± 3 mV.
* Input Impedance (nominal): 10 kilohms balanced, 5 kilohms unbalanced.
* Maximum Input Level: +20 dBu typical.
* Network: Onboard TCP/IQ and HiQnet, compatible with standard 100 MbEthercom hardware.
* Load Impedance: (Note: Safe with all types of loads) Stereo: 1/2/4/8/16ohms. Bridge Mono: 2/4/8 ohms.
* Input Sensitivity (referenced to 8 ohm rated output): 1.4V, 32 dB gain,and 26 dB gain.
* Voltage Gain (referenced to 8 ohm rated output): 37.9 dB to 23.0 dB
* Required AC Mains: Universal AC input, 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz (±15%).Maximum AC mains voltage 264VAC.
* AC Line Connector: Five cordsets supplied with amplifi er (USA, UK,European, Australia, India).

Front Panel Controls and Indicators

* Bridge Mode Indicator: Amber LED illuminates when the amplifi er is set toBridge-Mono mode.
* Ready Indicator: Red LED, one per channel. Bright red: Channel is ready topass audio. Red: Onset of compression (thermal event or fan failure). Off:Thermal event has occurred.
* Signal Indicators: One green LED per channel. Solid green: Input signal isabove –40 dBu. Bright green: Channel’s output signal has reached the onset ofaudible clipping.
* Power Indicator: Blue LED indicates amplifier has been turned on and ACpower is available. The LED will fl ash when the AC line voltage is 10% aboveor below the nominal rated value.
* Data Indicator: Yellow LED on front panel indicates network data activity.Data indicator flashes only when the amplifier is polled for data, or ispolled to see whether it is online
* Power Switch: Push-on/push-off switch with built-in green AC mains presentindicator.
* Volume Control: Precision detented attenuator with 31 steps,press-and-hold mute function.
* Volume Control LED Ring: A ring of green LEDs around each volume controlshow the position of the control. Entire ring flashes when channel is muted.Can be converted to be a level meter.

Back Panel Controls, Indicators and Connectors

* Power Cord Connector: Locking, detachable 20 amp IEC inlet. Voltage rangeis indicated above IEC inlet.
* Reset Switch/Circuit Breaker: If the current draw of the amplifier exceedssafe limits, this breaker automatically disconnects the power supply from theAC mains. The switch resets the circuit breaker.
* Output Connectors: Two high-current, 50A Neutrik® Speakon® NL4MLP (mateswith NL4FC or NL4), one per channel. Ch 1 Speakon® is wired with Ch 1 and Ch 2outputs for use with single 4-conductor cable. Two pairs of high-current, 60Acolor-coded 5-way binding posts (for banana plugs, spade lugs or bare wire).
* Analog Input Connectors: A 3-pin female XLR connector for each channel.
* Analog Loop Thru Connectors: Two male XLR passive analog loop through.
* Mode Switch/Indicator: Sets amplifi er to Stereo, Bridge, or Input Y mode.OFF=Stereo, YEL=Bridge, GRN=Y.
* Network Connector: This Neutrik® Ethercon connector accepts an RJ-45connector for TCP/IQ or HiQnet networking. Next to the connector is a yellowLINK ACT indicator that shows network activity, and a green 100Mb indicatorthat shows a 100Mb network connection.
* Data Indicator: Yellow LED on back panel indicates network data activity.Data indicator flashes only when the amplifi er is polled for data, or ispolled to see whether it is online.
* Preset Indicator: Yellow LED flashes to signal the number of the currentpreset if active.
* Input Sensitivity Switch: Three-position switch providing 1.4V, 32 dB, and26 dB settings for both channels.


* Firmware can be updated at > Support >Downloads.
* Software features: Same as PIP-Lite module (except no Listen Bus): UserPresets, Clip Event Monitor, Input Signal Level Monitor, Output Signal LevelMonitor, Thermal Headroom Level Monitor, Power/Standby Control, Signal Mute,Polarity Inverter, Input Signal Fader, Dynamic Gain Monitors (Ghost Faders),Amplifier Information, User and Channel Labels, Amplifier Mode, AmplifierOutput Mode, Line Voltage Monitor, Error Reporting, Auto Standby, Input SignalCompressor/Limiter, Peak Voltage Limiter, Average Power Limiter, ClipEliminator, Thermal Limiter, Limiter Tie, Load Supervision.


* Cooling: Dual-zone, microprocessor controlled, continuously variable speedfans, front-to-back airflow.
* Front Panel: Cast aluminum with integrated handles.
* Dimensions (W x H x D): 19" x 3.5" x 16.2"
* Weight: 28 lbs net, 36 lbs shipping
* Protection: Amplifi er is protected against reactive loads, faults andshorts. If one channel experiences a catastrophic failure, the entireamplifier will shut down.
* Included Accessories: Rear rack ears, rack screws, operation manual, powercords, foam air filter.

Crown MA9000I


* The i Series continues the Macro-Tech legacy of unparalleled sonicaccuracy and detail, putting sound quality above all else
* Patented, cutting-edge Class-I circuitry gets more power out of anamplifier with less waste
* Rugged construction ensures that all Macro-Techs are built to withstandyears of abuse on the road
* Global Power Supply - designed to deliver maximum power no matter whereyour schedule takes you
* Studio-quality analog signal processing with built-in load, line voltage,input and output monitoring
* Standard Ethernet networking via System Architect provides integratedmonitoring and control to give system operators access to the system from anylocation

**Photo shown is an example of 3 power amps - purchase price for one only.**

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