From the multiple times I have purchased from Jacks they have always come through, had what I wanted, shipped it quick. What more do you want ! GREAT PLACE !!!!
by: d. dybowski

Great prices and easy site to shop! Will bookmark for future visits and purchases.
Latin Purcussion Purchaser.


Thank You very much! i will be sure to recommend you guys to everyone on the Harmony Central boards.
During these weird economic times, i really appreciate good customer service.


"Tina, JacksMusicStore.com 
I got the practice drum kit.
Thank you very much for gettin that out to me. You made a soldier’s stay a lot easier! Here is a picture of me jammin out in Iraq, in a mortar bunker. Even bombs can't stop me from playin!
Thanks again,
  SPC Pete"

"Arrived Wednesday afternoon, in great shape. It's a blast!
From Jim in Arlington Washington regarding delivery of his new Engelhardt Swingmaster Upright Bass

Comment regarding our exceptional customer care

Subject: my Hohner is soooooooooo sexy ;-)

"Anyways-I'm so happy with the Hohner-man she is a stunner to look at-and play. And so easy and straightforward to import-and cheaper than i expected too. If you wanna paste this next bit onto your site-cool........

So-what can I say-it was my first import-and went so smoothly-it won't be my last-in fact the excellent staff (especially Tina-you rock) coupled with the great exchange rate means i probably won't be buying in the UK again which says alot. i was convinced someone would say-hey you can't do that-its cheating lol. So-I'd recommend Jacks to anyone-great service-brilliant prices and these days-what more can you ask for.

and again-thankyou Tina and Jacks-I love you people

take care-speak soon

PS-im so happy with the guitar-i am seriously considering the Elite model-from you of course-just gotta sneak it past the mrs....  lol"
comments from Paul, UK, regarding his purchase of the Hohner Elite Prince guitar

Just a note of thanks for your prompt and courteous service regarding my Gibraltar (Dunnett snare throw off & butt
connector). I received them Tuesday (02/19) and was notified that morning of their transit status. Nice process, and
thank you Graham for all your help. Now I just hope I can figure how to put it on the snare drum .....ha-ha. Wish me
luck. I live about 60 miles from your store but I promise I'll drop by when I'm in the area..until then take care.

Paul Brissette"

"Thanks Tina,
i am very happy with my purchase, i used it at a show the night i got it, and it was near perfect right out of the box. it was even in tune!! as someone who make their living as a "backwards" guitar player i rarely get to play one before i buy it so its nice to know i can order from someone with confidence. ill look forward to doing business with you again. and yes, my dogs (great dane and a bullmastiff) love it too!!
thanks again,
matt woods"


"Hi Tina,
   Yes I'm stationed in Iraq, and It should only take a matter of days for shipment.
 My only concern is that it actually got shipped. I bought the same order
 from “another” company last month and got scammed. They charged me and
 never shipped it. So I was just making sure this time it was legit
 and that I'll  actually get it. Thanks/

"Dear Jacks Music Store,
I just got the Hohner Alto Recorder I ordered, and it is wonderful.  Thank you for your great price, and I really appreciated how kind and “human” the woman who picked up the phone was when I called to check on the order.  Your store will be my first stop for future music supplies.                      Sincerely, Susan Grant

"From Chris, Lostine OR,

Recently I ordered an accordion for my wife. She has wanted one for the longest time.
The service that I received was exceptional. Not only did you deliver on time (as promised) you continually kept me informed of the status via e-mail.
My wife loves her gift and I am enjoying listening to her play.

A very satisfied customer,
Chris Geyer
Lostine, Oregon"

From Brian, Rockport, MA

"Hi Ray,
I just wanted to let you know I received the DRT69 1 week ago and I am very pleased with it! Excellent setup, and it sounds great too! Thanks for including the strap and straplocks as well. Much appreciated.

Brian Pike"

From Jeff,
"Hi Tina,
I received the Amadeus harmonica today. It is a truly beautiful instrument both in looks and tone.
I look forward to playing it tomorrow for my students at my harmonica class and with my other musical friends.
Thank you again for your great service.
Jeff Brown"

from Evan, San Jose, CA,
"I received the Hohner XB-40's as promised this morning. Thanks much for the excellent and friendly service. It was really appreciated.
Evan A Slatis"

From John, Orlando FL,
"Just to let you know, I did receive the nine (9) packs of strings that were sent to complete my original order. Thank you very much for your attention to my order. I am very pleased with both your product and your attention to my customer service needs. I have already recommended you to my friends and will do so in the future.
Thank you again."

From Liz Ward, Santa Monica, CA,
"Hi there, I received my guitar yesterday and it's exactly what I wanted and absolutely beautiful! Thank you for providing great service and prompt answers to my questions... AND the best price ANYWHERE! (Believe me... I checked thoroughly ). You will be highly recommended and I'll be back! Thanks again!
Sincerely, Liz Ward"

From Keith, Pittsburgh PA,
"Ray, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great service that I received from you folks at Jack's. Today I received my TKL 8836 case that you special ordered for me. Everything was in perfect order and I love the case! I will recommend Jack's to all my musician friends!
Thanks once again!
Regards, Keith Yanda"

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