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Hohner - s37: Performer 37 Melodica Piano keys covering the alto and soprano range from F3 to C6. Sensitive reed response, smooth keyboard… details » $76.99

Suzuki - pro-37v2: Professional Alto Melodion with Case The Pro-37v2 is a high quality professional melodian, finished with walnut effect end covers, brass… details » $216.99

Suzuki - s-32c: Soprano Melodion with Case High quality construction of a metal and plastic body make this Soprano Melodion the perfect choice… details » $100.99

Suzuki - mx-32c: Alto Melodion with Case The MX-32C is our 'standard' 32 note classroom Melodion, and the instrument of choice for education… details » $55.99

Suzuki - a-25f: Andes Recorder-Keyboard This unique instrument looks like a keyboard but sounds like a Recorder! It's a wind instrument like the… details » $186.99

Suzuki - b-24: Bass Melodion with Case The Suzuki Bass Melodion is ideal for accompanying other instrumentalists and offers a truly unique bass… details » $170.99

Suzuki - study-32: Alto Melodion with Case The all new Study-32 with its hard wearing instrument gig-case is the perfect Students Melodion. Lightweight… details » $39.50


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